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First Day Covers


New Zealand
This is as good as First Day Covers got back then!

Papua New Guinea
There is no special stamp with this cover, just the commemorative postmark.

Solomon Islands
There were Solomon Island stamps issued on 11th November 1982 for both the Boys' Brigade and the Scouts. This FDC features the scout stamps, with a commemorative postmark.

Great Britain
An accompanying card gives a brief history of the youth organisations and some technical details of the stamps.

There is an accompanying card which provides some history to the formation of both organisations.

There is an accompanying card which provides some history of the Boys' Brigade. The 108th Glasgow company were reported as camping on Guernsey for 21 years, the longest continuous run of any visiting company.

A brief history of the Boys' Brigade and Padraig O Siochfhradha (an Irish teacher and author) is provided on an accompanying card.

Pictorial Aerogramme
Scottish Postal Board, UK
10th August 1983


These were originally used as Scout stamps, and have been overprinted to celebrate the centenary of the Boys' Brigade. Note too, that the 400/- stamp has had its value overprinted. Originally, it was a 100/- stamp


This is a pre-printed envelope, rather than a stamp.
The rear of the envelope gives a brief outline of the work of the Boys' Brigade.

Uniformed Groups in Schools
19th September 2007

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